St. Valentine’s Day Ramblings…

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, everybody!  My recommendation…to heck with flowers, use that money to get a good meal and see a show or something. Get some wine and make goo-goo eyes at each other. Do anything but waste your moula on over-priced flowers.

Today’s edition: Captain’s Dead has Tweedy/Bennett circa 1999 (when the love was strong); Check out Digg Up Tapes; Some interesting mp3s are floating around today; and some videos to get you in the mood for Valentine’s day.

Tweedy/Bennett Show on Captain’s Dead

Dadada fave, Captain’s Dead, has re-posted an excellent live recording of Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett together at the Old Towne School of Folk Music from July 1999.  Oh, the love was strong between these two before it all went to crap following the release of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2001.  I don’t pretend to know the whole story, I just know the band hasn’t been the same since.  I do love Sky Blue Sky though.  It’s wonderfully understated.

Check out these Valentine’s Day appropriate tracks:
Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett –  Forget the Flowers [mp3]
Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett – I’m Always in Love [mp3]

Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennett at the Old Towne School (7.25.99) [Captain’s Dead]

Consider Donating:
To the Jay Bennett Foundation (supports music education)

Consider: DiggUp Tapes

If you like Indie music, it doesn’t get any more indie than this. North Carolina-based, DiggUp Tapes has compiled a selection of their Cassingles and made them available for a low priced, boxed set.  It’s a cool selection of stuff, and it could be a real great present for that absolute music geek who has everything (hint, hint, Honey!).  Seriously, check this out for yourself:

Now go over to their page and BUY SOMETHING! I am going to guess you heard something you liked, and you can ride the wave of the impending cassette tape explosion (seriously, cassettes are back). Good thing my Hyundai has a tape deck!

Check out these MP3s:

Panda Bear has a new MP3! After you’re finished cleaning yourself up, go ahead and…

Check out:
Panda Bear – Last Night at the Jetty [mp3]
from Tomboy out April 12 (Paw Tracks)

Shipbuilding Company has also made a track available for the new album, Radios & Flying Birds released March 1 on GreyDay Productions.

Check out:
Shipbuilding  Company – Made Out of Diamonds [mp3]

Be sure to read Craig’s recent review of Radios & Flying Birds.

VD Videos

Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule

John Lennon – Real Love

Here’s a track for after midnight:

and, of course, Valentine’s Day is for everyone:

Oops… wrong VD.

Have a great Valentine’s day!


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