Sunday Ramblings & (some) Considerations

This edition: introducing Tom Williams and the Boat; and we update the SPAZZ 2 Festival information.

I just received a couple of tracks from Tom Williams and the Boat, and my socks have mysteriously left my feet.  I love this big, bluesy folk from the U.K., and I am anticipating good things from their new album, Too Slow, out February 28. For now you can grab the track, Some Evil here, and check out this video of Get Older:

SPAZZ Fest 2 Site Update

Today, I updated the Spazz Fest 2 site with ticket information and revised information on the schedule (specifically related to the March 27 Punk Rock Brunch show).  Please go ahead and check the updates from the links above. This is an incredible line up of shows, and many folks in Greenville are looking forward to what’ in store March 24-27.

We plan to do features on specific artists playing at the festival this year.  We will kick that off today with Future Islands.

Future Islands formed in Greenville, and moved onto to Baltimore after meeting and befriending Dan Deacon, for whom they opened and with whom they played alongside over time. In 2008, Future Islands released, Wave Like Home, on the UK label, Upset the Rhythm. The album drew positive reviews and established the band as an upcoming force in the burgeoning post wave movement that has steadily emerged from the Baltimore area over the last five years. Their second release, In the Evening Air, was released on Thrill Jockey Records in 2010. The album was among the top releases for the year, and earned several positive critical reviews. The band is currently touring the U.S., and will headline the opening Spazz Fest 2 show on March 24.

Future Islands (Baltimore)

Check out:

Future Islands – Tin Man [mp3]
Future Islands – Walking Through That Door [mp3]
Watch: Future Islands – Tin Man

That’s all for today. Look for a complete Ramblings & Considerations tomorrow.


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