This week’s considerations

If you’ve followed along the last few weeks, you’ll notice I’ve featured some of the tracks I am considering for the next Blogophilia. I am putting up tunes that I think are interesting, but that’s as far as I go before my pre-mix, “bunker mode.”

Here are this week’s interesting tracks to be released in 2011:

Dangerous PoniesI Only Wear My Favorite Clothes At Home [mp3]:
Dangerous Ponies (Punkrock Payroll) out March 22.

Eksi EksoCarte de Visite [mp3] from:
Brown Shark, Red Lion (The Mylene Sheath) out  March 15.

Lawrence & LeighHeeled Shoes [mp3] from:
Odyssey Three: Hills and Masts out March 7

Middle BrotherMe, Me, Me [mp3] from:
Middle Brother out March 1

PowerdoveBirdsong [mp3] from:
Be Mine out February22.

The Skull DefektsFragrant Nimbus [mp3] from:
Peer Amid out February 15. (Highly Recommended)



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