Friday’s Free Feature

“The Light”  by Moon

Alanna Nuala is “Moon” and her recent release, The Light, is absolutely captivating. This is far from your ordinary lo-fi recording. The Brooklynite makes excellent use of acoustic guitar, synth tones, eclectic samples, and voice overdubs to create a recording that sounds as though it came from a lost dimension. There’s so much depth to this recording, yet it never seems dense or grandiose. It’s an effort for the long haul too–one of those albums I could see cracking my top 20 for 2011 when it’s all set to prepare the year in review. Highlights include: Braids & Bones; The Fish, The Bird; Little Child, Good Mourning; Stray Cat; and Never Coming Back.

Check out:
Moon  –Braids & Bones [MP3]

Moon – The Fish, The Bird [MP3]

Moon – Stray Cat [MP3]

Moon – The Light [Bandcamp]

Happy Friday, y’all!


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