Tuesday’s Ramblings & Considerations…

In this edition: Follow-up on the Red River performance and SOME NEW FOR YOU!!!

Photo courtesy G.Snethen

The Red River Rocks the Tipsy!

Last night’s first ever Dadada presents went pretty well.  It was loads of fun, and I have to say that it would not have been as much fun without the help of some of my dear Greenvillean friends (Nathan, Gary, Lisa Beth, Paige, Gretchen, and Craig). Thank you, friends for supporting the show, bringing friends, and welcoming the Red River to Greenville.

The night started with a CD signing and short performance at the Armadillo Grill with a few hardcore fans. It was a great way to meet the band, whose members were happy to have the delicious, fresh Tex Mex the ‘Dillo serves up daily.  This might appear to be a plug, but you have to understand—I eat there a lot, and it’s the local pub/hangout for my Greenville friends. I love the place. While there, the band played a four song set with an electric guitar and a few percussion instruments, and then chatted the crowd up before heading to the Tipsy.

The Red River was received at the Tipsy Teapot by a hearty crowd of Greenvilleans who were eager for some good music.  The band did not disappoint. They played a 75 minute set that featured more up tempo, electric arrangements of tracks from Little Songs About the Big Picture.  This was an entirely different set than what we witnessed back in November.  The eleven member crew was now a lean six-piece with electric guitars and keyboard taking the place of the percussion and horns featured on the first leg of this tour.  It was wonderful, and Bill Roberts (the principal songwriter/front man) told me that the next tour will feature another twist—a 30-person troupe that will basically function as a chorus. I don’t know if he was serious or not, but it’s clear he has ideas about how to make their music fresh and free from banal repetition. Last night was more “indie rock” and less “folk-inspired” than the last performance. It worked well and will continue to be the focus of this second leg, which is slowly meandering to Austin for SXSW.

If you get a chance to see this band, do it. I can’t say enough nice things about the people in this band, and I really dig the music too.  The Red River: Good people who make good music. GO SEE THEM before they head back to California!

Some videos to check:

And the famous NPR Tiny Desk Concert that I’ve mentioned a few times:

THANKS ARE IN ORDER… A special thank you to Gary from the Armadillo Grill who hosted the short set and fed the band, and Delia from the Tipsy Teapot who does a remarkable job of running the best indie venue in Greenville.  If you are in town, you need to stop through the ‘Dillo and the Tipsy.

Some “New” For You…

A few choice tracks from today’s releases:

Ivan & AlyoshaGlorify [mp3] from Fathers Be Kind (Missing Piece Records)

David LoweryThe Palace Guards [mp3] from The Palace Guards (429 Records)

Bridges & PowerlinesMirabell [mp3] from Eve (Citybird Records)

Bridges & PowerlinesBlue Sky [mp3] from Eve (Citybird Records)



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