Braids: “Native Speaker”

The capabilities of modern computers and music software provide a wealth of tools, and no musical genre has realized this potential quite like neo-psychedelia.  Case in point – the Montreal band, Braids.  The seven songs on Native Speaker build upon layers of synthesizer and guitar with strong, propulsive drumming, and the sweetly cynical protests of singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston.  Equally capable of producing bliss-out ambiance and tightly wound melodic pop (often within the same song), Braids provide the atmospherics of Animal Collective with the clean lines of Radiohead.  Check out the wry, candid lyrics of Lemonade, the tight, syncopated rhythm of Plath Heart, the screaming, echoing vocals on Glass Deers, the cavernous title track, and the jittery pulsations of Same Mum.

Lyrics: 15/20
Composition: 17/20
Musicianship: 18/20
Production: 18/20
Intangibles: 16/20


Check out:

Braids – Plath Heart [mp3] (via)

Braids – Lemonade (Green Go Remix) [mp3] (via)

Braids – Lemonade [mp3] (via)

Braids Pop Montreal Session on Daytrotter

Watch: Braids – Lemonade (at Pop Montreal)

Purchase: Braids – Native Speaker (available January 18)


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