The 2010 Five Hole: Eric & Magill

Eric & Magill are Eric Weber and Ryan Osterman. In 2010, the duo with the help of some indie rock pals released the stellar, All Those I Know.  Their brand of dreamy indie pop is reminiscent of Last Broadcast era Doves, but full of subtleties, as they experiment with faded vocals, tastefully applied Auto-Tune, and a range of instrumentation (trumpets!) that seems to offer something different with each play.  I stumbled upon this release about a day after I wrote my best of list, and chalked it up to a five hole for 2010—sometimes a few get by.  This is one of 2010’s best, and even better, it’s currently available for free on their Bandcamp page.  Highlights include the title track, You Make It So Good(Flaming Lips meet Doves), Should We All Wake Up, Grandpa’s Pink Wine, I Hear Trumpets, Gentle Polite (proving that tasteful Auto-Tune is not an oxymoron), and Birthdays Are Important.

Check out:

Eric & Magill – All Those I Know [mp3]

Eric & Magill – Grandpa’s Pink Wine [mp3]

Eric & Magill – Birthdays Are Important [mp3]

Download/Stream: All Those I Know from Bandcamp



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