Presenting the Sunshine Factory

I ranted recently about the plethora of Garage, Chillwave, Electronic, and Shoegazer bands that seem to exist out there in the blogosphere.  I am not down on any of these particularly genres of music, per se, but I wish that more people did it well.  I think I may have found one, the Sunshine Factory.

The Sunshine Factory are (by appearances anyway) a three-piece from Mobile, Alabama.  The band plays a heavy drone mixed with a bit of psychedelia for good measure.  The result is something that few bands are able to capture–a sound that stands out from the army of bands trying to recapture what the Jesus and Mary Chain started nearly 30 years ago.

They currently have a name your price album (Vintage Revolution), and a free download of their newest single (Twisted and Clover–below) from the upcoming album, Sugar, on Bandcamp.

Check out:

The Sunshine Factory – Blue Sky [mp3]
The Sunshine Factory – Twisted and Clover [mp3]



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