Blogophilia 17

I am entering my “traveling phase” and I was worried this would be a blog killer. Those fears aside, I have taken steps to minimize the impact of my absence.  Earlier this week, I was in Houston and, as you read this, I am currently en route to Albany, NY.  The last big trip I have is in May and that will be to Australia.  Mind you, I am not complaining!  However, I need your patience, and I am ready to offer you a carrot.  Yesterday, I re-loaded all of the mixtapes (Blogophilia and Music to Combat Commuting Doldrums to this websites.  I have had lots of requests to re-up every mix, and now that is a reality for the next few weeks.  In addition to this news, you are also offered  Blogophilia 17, which was literally mixed on a plane from Houston to Charlotte on Tuesday morning.  What can I say? I don’t like the in-flight magazines, and the guy next to me wanted to sleep.  So, here it is…Enjoy! (Remember to right click, save on the image below).

Blogophilia 17 – Mixed in a Cramped Coach Seat
Ripped @ 320kbps VBR
Songs gathered from blogs – March 1 – April 7, 2010

Track list:

1.I’ve Been Me (0:16) – Gil Scott-Heron 2.The Ghosts That Wake You (4:06) – Follow That Bird! 3.Deer (3:53) – Pack A.D. 4.Cowboy Killers (2:21) – Man Eats Bear 5.Tighten Up (3:28) – The Black Keys 6.Waterwheel (3:13) – Aloha 7.Baby Lee (4:21) – Teenage Fanclub 8.Shadow People (4:04) – Dr. Dog 9.King of Spain (3:23) – The Tallest Man on Earth 10.Something, Somewhere, Sometime (2:27) – Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore 11.Camera Talk (3:41) – Local Natives 12.Something Good Can Work (2:38) – Two Door Cinema Club 13.Seer (4:19) – Motopony 14.By Morning (2:57) – Ghostkeeper 15.Drunk Girls (3:37) – LCD Soundsystem 16.Breakneck Speed (3:44)  Tokyo Police Club 17.Hoop + Wire (3:22) – Boy Eats Drum Machine 18.(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) – The Hot Rats 19.Sole Brother (4:19) – Born Ruffians 20.That Kind of Man (3:14) – Josiah Wolf 21.I Hope You Die (4:09) – Wye Oak  22.Evelyn McHale (3:44) – Parenthetical Girls 23.Me and the Devil (3:34) – Gil Scott-Heron



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